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Bunny Marthy
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Nick Bunny Marthy

My nickname is Bunny Marthy (sometimes people write it as „Bunny_Marthy” or misspell it as „Bunny Martha„). His origin is quite simple. „Bunny” from my front teeth and „Marthy” from my favorite Back to the Future character. However, my real name is not Martha but Maddie. I was born in 1993, on the 6th of December. Bunny Marthy, as a character, is forever eighteen.
Bunny Marthy

My activity

I create adult content on a daily basis. You could say that I try to be an influencer, only 18+. I already have several collaborations behind me. For example, with Sybian – where the marketing cooperation ended with several million views!

Unlike standard influencers, I cannot collaborate so often due to the nature of my business. Therefore, I decided to take matters into my own hands and build my own products that I will advertise. After all, it’s a much better option, isn’t it? That’s how Yeabunny was born, and that’s how the idea for Fanbea was born. These are websites that offer such or other digital products because I feel best in this virtual world.

On Yeabunny, I shoot adult movies, amateur, but of phenomenal quality.

Bunny Marthy

Bunny Marthy's links

You can find me in many places, that’s why we created this website. To have everything in one place, everything under control. My links can be found above. There is sure to be something for everyone!

So as you can easily deduce from the links, I also broadcast live. I was even nominated several times for various prestigious awards. Thanks to my work, and my team’s work, we have earned the XBIZ 2020 Best Female Camgirl Award! (It’s such the Golden Globe in the adult industry)

Due to the growing popularity and recognition, I also gave several interviews, both in Poland and abroad. Maybe you heard about me from there.

Bunny Marthy

My Story

My journey began in the adult entertainment industry, specifically when I decided to start appearing on adult webcams as Bunny Marthy.

I met my partner while playing League of Legends, and together we envisioned a future for the Bunny Marthy channels. As I grew in my career, we launched our own venture selling electronic products—self-recorded films.

These initial investments have helped us develop personally and professionally, propelling us to new heights. Currently, I am eagerly working to revolutionize the market.

Using my fame as a camgirl, I've pursued larger and more profitable ventures. Instead of splurging on luxury items like expensive handbags and shoes, I've focused on expanding our business and enhancing my role as the brand's leading figure.

On YouTube, starting from scratch and without any paid advertising, I managed to gain over 100,000 subscribers. The channel also racked up millions of video views—a remarkable achievement, wouldn't you agree?

On my Instagram, I've attained an exceptionally high quality score of 95/100 for my followers, and on Twitter, I average about 6,310,000 views on my tweets per month!

Chaturbate has been a platform where I could truly spread my wings; I currently boast over 400,000 followers. These loyal fans join my live performances, and this success has opened doors to various collaborations, including several recordings and live shows with other girls.

On a personal note, I am a warm and friendly individual. I enjoy both laughter and engaging in serious conversations. I am open about my life and my career choices. I take pride in my work and the results I've achieved, despite the envy and misunderstanding from some people, which often manifests in toxicity online.

Bunny Marthy